Sample Intro Appeal of Poetry

The poetry of Elizabeth Bishop appeals to Modern readers for many reasons


There are many reasons why the poetry of Elizabeth Bishop would appeal to the modern reader. I would consider Bishops concern with everyday objects to be one of the most appealing attributes of her poetry. Bishop takes objects that everybody can relate to and understand, and through poems like ‘The Fish’ and ‘The Filling Station’ she gives these objects a wonderful and powerful significance. This technique allows the reader to see the world in a new light. Another reason that Bishop appeals to the modern reader is her characterisation of childhood, especially the loss of childhood innocence. This loss is clearly evident in such poems as ‘In the Waiting Room’ and ‘Sestina’. Both poems here remind us of what happens when the innocence of childhood and reality collide. Finally the issue of ‘place’ is another key question in the appeal of Bishop’s poetry. In the poem ‘Questions of Travel’ Bishop deals with the idea of a sense of place or a sense of belonging somewhere. Bishop’s poetry appeals to the modern reader because it shows us how wonderfully interesting the world around us is if we stop and pay attention to what is going on around us.


One of the key issues in relation to Bishop’s poetry is that even though her poems were written over fifty years ago each subject that she addresses is still pertinent today. It is her keen eye for detail that shows us how the world can be if we stop to take it in as ‘The Fish’ and ‘The Filling Station’ clearly shows. Bishop’s ideas on childhood and the complexities of growing up are as relevant today as they have ever been. Also throughout life we move to find our place of belonging and it is this struggle that Bishop cleverly shows in her poem ‘Questions of Travel’. I believe that Bishop’s poetry does appeal to the modern reader as we consider what it is that makes us want to see the world and weather there are enough objects to keep us fascinated closer to home.





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